The Math Of $500 A Day Through Affiliate Marketing

I was recently asked by a reader of my niche research site, “how do I get to $500 a day passive income through affiliate marketing?”

I thought I would share my experience running a general product review site that I’ve scaled to 5 figure, passive monthly profit.

Passive Income

The easiest way to make money online, in my opinion, is passively.

This means that you put in effort up-front and reap the recurring rewards passively the rest of your life.

What is the magic formula?

In my experience, it follows the following revenue model:

Organic Search Engine Traffic + Affiliate Marketing = Passive Income

The Math Of Affiliate Earnings

My primary ‘money site’ gets about 3,500 visits a day and I make, on average, $800 a day from that traffic. (I was making about $1,000 a day until some recent commission changes).

This means that, on average, every visit is worth 23 cents.

So, for $500, you’d need roughly 2,200 visits a day, using .23 cents per visitor. That’s based on my earning model.

Now, this particular site ONLY does affiliate reviews. I don’t recommend this approach because it limits your growth potential. No one wants to link to a pure money-making site.

It only has one traffic source (Google search) and it only has one revenue model (affiliate income) as opposed to multiple revenue streams and multiple traffic sources.

My recommendation is to build a broader authority site- like how AuthorityHacker advises. But I digress…

How Do I Get This Traffic?

I publish high-quality, long (1,500+ word) content, with optimized on-page SEO, targeting low-competition keywords with high buyer intention (think: product terms), so that my posts rank in search engines.

I hire writers who I have extensively trained to produce keyword-rich content that attracts long-tail search traffic.

I use keyword research tools like:

  • LongTailPro
  • Ahrefs
  • LSIGraph

to infuse my content with keyword synonyms and variations to capture as much search volume as I can.

I use UpWork to hire writers. I’ve made a habit of hiring foreign writers who have exceptional English skills to maximize my content’s Return On Investment.

The real win, however, is scaling and systematizing the content creation process.

Building A Content Factory

Once I defined the type of content I wanted to produce, I began systematizing its production.

For instance, my current work flow looks like this:

  1. I do Keyword Research and pick the terms I want to rank for.
  2. I send the terms to my writers who produce 5 articles of a 1,000 words each at a time.
  3. When the writers send me back the finished content, I send it to my Virtual Assistant who uses a Thrive Themes Content Builder Template to copy and paste the content into a WordPress Post, while also generating all of the affiliate links.
  4. I step in and transcribe 1,000 more words on top of this content, and then hand-write an introduction (500 words) to the post.
  5. After writing a custom meta-description, sourcing YouTube videos, shortening the URL, sourcing any factual claims, it’s ready to Publish.

To put all this in context, I’ll walk you through a case study.

Case Study: Exercise Steppers

Let’s say we have a website dedicated to “exercise steppers”. We review the different models on the market, talk about the best way to use them, and generally cover all the aspects of using this home exercise equipment.

Now, each twister stepper, on average, sells for $100.

Whenever you refer traffic to Jet, Amazon, Walmart or another affiliate partner that has the stepper in stock, and one is purchased for $100, you get a 5% commission.

So, you are making $5 per stepper you’re able to get your readers to buy.

To make $500 in a day you would need to sell 100 steppers a day.

How do you do that?

You need traffic. Let’s assume that 5% of people who land on your twister site click an affiliate link and that 5% of those people will actually buy the stepper.

That means you would need 40,000 users a day. The math is below:


Step 1: Simplify both sides of the equation.


Step 2: Divide both sides by 0.0025.









The Bottom Line

That may sound like a lot, but in reality, there are a bunch of variables here that can work out in your favor. Meaning, you don’t always need that many daily users. For example:

Higher Commission Items

For example, you will find $200 and $300 steppers- this means higher commissions.

Conversion Optimization

Once you concentrate on conversion optimization, it’s also possible to increase the number of clicks you send to the affiliate offer (the stepper) and the number of clicks that convert on the offer itself.

I work with an affiliate partner that converts at 10%, not the 5% I use as a baseline metric above.

Cookies & Attribution

Finally, affiliate programs will often attribute any and all sales that occur through your affiliate link for up to 30 days! That means that if someone buys a 4k television for $8,000, you’ll get a commission for that.

My Recommendation

Getting to $500 a day won’t be easy. If you expect making money online to be ‘easy’, you’ll probably be disappointed. If you can have fun doing it, as I have, then it actually is pretty easy, however.

If you’re interested in my process, you can read more about it at I research online business opportunities and discuss how I would approach getting traffic and monetizing them.