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We all have days when we think, “F**k this! I’ve had enough of this sh*t today!”

And for parents that is no exception — those days may actually be more common than for others.

Those days when the little demons are in a foul mood. When nothing pleases them and you’re left wrecking your brain trying to find a solution to make them happy — more for your own sake than theirs.

Then come the tantrums. When they get so tired from a hard morning of whining but don’t want to go for a nap.

The frustration and anger bubbling up inside while trying to remain calm on the surface.

I’m pretty sure this is what alcohol was invented for!

We all have those days.

Remain f**king calm!

If there was ever an infuriating thing to be told when you are in a stressful situation this could be it.

“I know I’m supposed to remain calm but it’s a little hard when this little demon is screaming in my face!”

As angry as this makes you, it is also the best advice.

It takes a lot of self-control not to scream back — which always escalates the situation.

Lots of deep breaths, long blinks and calm talking seem to do the trick — most of the time. Then just try to weather the storm until they burn themselves out and eventually calm down or if you're lucky, go for a nap.

The aftermath of a temper tantrum.

Things have calmed down. Your ‘little bundle of terror’ has quietened down — or feel asleep — now it’s time for some me time.

Go out for a walk or run. Hit the gym. Or if that is not possible simply find a quiet room to sit in alone and enjoy the silence.

Allow yourself to calm down and reset. It’s easy to let a temper tantrum spill over to other parts of your life and ruin your day. Don’t let it.

Remember, kids are kids. Little emotional, irrational, hormonal human beings and they will have their moments.

Life as a parent is hard at times. There are times when you could easily put your own head through a wall with anger.

But you have to admit, the good times far outweighs the bad.

Time for a cup of coffee and to put a smile back on your face. They won’t be kids forever so enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is parenting.

I hope you enjoyed this article, thanks for taking the time to read it, much appreciated. I aim to improve my writing with each article so I welcome any tips or advice.

Thank you.