The Believer Festival

The Believer is a literary, arts, and culture magazine created in 2003. Originally published by McSweeney’s and recently acquired by the Black Mountain Institute, their 2nd annual festival took place this year in and around Las Vegas with readings, panel discussions, comedy, music, installation, and a moving-truck-sized camera obscura. Here’s a collection of photographs taken over the course of the weekend.

Agatha French at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in front of its namesake red sandstone.
Dr. Javon Johnson reads at dusk with the Calico Hills behind him.
Believer editor Joshua Wolf Shenk getting his portrait made by the Liminal Camera, which was capable of making prints up to 8x20 feet wide.
In between readings, we found people really getting into the spirit of the Fremont Street Experience.
Morgan Jerkins moments before taking the stage at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.
Morgan Jerkins interviewing Barry Jenkins.
KJ Howe in the penthouse of El Cortez hotel in Old Vegas. The Stratosphere in the background marks the beginning of the new strip.
Festival director Libby Flores enjoying a celebratory cigar during the closing night after party.
Nima Abkenar flooded this garage with 1200 gallons of water and spent countless hours sealing the enclosure, painting, and rigging the lighting for the opening night festivities.