What Facebook’s Q3 Means For Us.

Hub & Spoke
Nov 3, 2017 · 3 min read
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Facebook released its Q3 financial results today and, snore… no wait! Hidden within that Scrooge-McDuckian-sized $10-billion dollar revenue announcement are a number of key metrics that matter to advertisers of the social kind — like us.

We’re taking a look at some of these points, and we’re letting Hub & Spoke’s President and in-house Oracle (he told us to say that), Ryan LaFlamme, divine what it could mean for your client or brand.

  1. Facebook’s daily user base grew another 13% to 1.3 billion. OK, this is an easy one: Your largest existing and potential customer-base is there. Be there too. Especially if you’re targeting emerging markets for Facebook, like India, Africa and most of Asia. This is like advertising in the Yellow Pages (for those who remember the Yellow Pages).
  2. Now is a really good time to get in on Instagram ads. With 6 million active advertisers, Facebook is a crowded place for those with small-to-medium ad budgets. Instagram, however, is still around 2 million (but growing fast!), far less white noise to cut through with your hard-earned ad bucks. And a much better chance of hitting your target…
  3. Instagram has 500 million daily users. If your target demo is the coveted younger demographic, you need to consider if Instagram is the better option (if you can only afford one). Social media users 13–35 are checking their instagram accounts far more often than Facebook on a daily basis. And with new ad unit options for Instagram that closely mirror what you can do on Facebook, it’s time to broaden your horizons.
  4. 330 million Instagram users are posting/checking stories daily. Instagram stories have been so successful that Facebook proper has killed off its version of “Stories” and is in the process of allowing cross posts from IG. And guess what? Your brand can create promoted stories! Rule to live by: go where your fans are. Find the right specs for your creative, and get experimenting.
  5. Use Facebook Messenger to your advantage. 20 million other brands are for a reason. It works. People love the 1:1 concierge feeling that a personalized experience like messenger can impart, particularly when it comes to customer service issues. And you can now do it with ads. We recently flighted ads for a client that pushed customers to book services directly through messenger. No website lead gen forms, no calls, no emails, no coupons or codes. Just click, pick, and someone will follow up with you, on your time.
  6. Video ad breaks are here to stay. Love ’em or hate ’em, metrics show that ads inserted into longer videos on Facebook see a 70% plus completion rate, meaning people are willing to watch your ad to get back to their content. And if they are on a phone, chances are the viewer isn’t looking away. Keep this in mind when designing your creative: cut a version that fits the length and call to action restrictions an in-video ad placement requires. Just don’t do too many, OK? You’re messing up my funny dog videos.
That can’t be sanitary.

Hub & Spoke Creative is a Toronto-based advertising agency, specializing in social media creative, strategy, and media placement. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the good news, or check out our website for contact info.

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