What do you get when human creativity and the internet collide? This time, it’s the Getty Challenge: a perfect storm of quarantined creativity that’s forced us to stop what we’re doing and marvel as we scroll.

Our Favourites

We’ve already seen some masterpieces, as isolation proves an excellent catalyst for creativity. Many turned themselves into models and played dress-up:

Some shot for the stars and tried to recreate more abstract works, with some dazzling ingenuity:

Others took to their pantries to see what ‘art supplies’ they could gather. Some did it with pizza.

This one just did it with everything else in the kitchen and nailed it.

We could fill entire libraries with the recreations that people have submitted, but we’ll just let you browse Twitter at your leisure.

No Prompt Necessary

We’d be…

For the first time, the only way for many people — particularly older ones — to get their daily fix of gossip or a much-needed heart-to-heart with a family member is by heading online. Zoom calls and House Party hangouts are filling the gap for now, but there’s only so much you can talk about and only so much you can do while you’re standing in front of a laptop, or holding your phone up to your face.

Enter video games. Now, you can chat with your best bud while you guys take down monstrous aliens in Destiny, catch up with the grandkids while they express their creativity around you in Minecraft, or just absolutely school your sister in Super Smash Bros online and relive your younger years. Entire swathes of video games now have a means for you to play with friends, whether they’re right next to you or in a different country, and almost every game with online functionality a way for you to chat to the people you’re playing with built-in. …

Clearly, movies have not adequately prepared us for the reality of relationships. Go into one without being clear about where you both want it to go, and you’re in for epic heartbreak. Thanks, Say Anything.

Maintaining relationships with people at work might be even harder than at home. Instead of arguing over who takes out the garbage, disagreements with people at work can carry the fear of losing your financial security. Some of these arguments might be with people who sign your rent checks or with vital team members, and so often it can feel easier to say nothing than to… Say Anything.

Being an agency, we’ve seen the beginnings of a lot of different relationships; hundreds of new clients, dozens of new colleagues, multiple business partners, and vendors — and within our larger organization…

Wingspan Review

In this series of posts, a member of the BSTRO team takes the mic and tells you what they’ve been up to in the hope that they can give you some fun ideas for quarantine activities.

This week, our Creative Strategist Ryan McGuire continues to champion the nerd renaissance, as board games take center stage in our hunt for stimulation. Here’s his review of Wingspan: a competitive board game where you look at and learn about birds, removing yet another reason for anyone to go outside.

As a verifiable nerd, not going outside is my strong suit, but even I’m…

As digital assistants Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Assistant continue to ascend, good branding becomes even more vital.

You’ve probably seen the statistics: 50% of all searches will be by the year 2020 and 35% of browsing will be , if you believe the internet zeitgeist.

There are hundreds of articles about how you need to be spending thousands on voice search optimization for your website. Here’s a secret: it’s less complicated than you might think, and less complicated than some agencies would lead you to believe.

Optimizing your website for voice search-also known as Voice Engine Optimization, or VEO-simply involves writing naturally, and Google has been rewarding natural writing since its

BSTRO is 15! Over those 15 years, hundreds of dynamic companies have given us their trust and their work, from big brands like Johnson’s Baby, Bandaid, and AT&T to startups like Roku, Eaze, and Illumio that went on to become big brands. We’ve worked with entrepreneurs, non-profits, and nearly every type of company in between. In 15 years, we went from one woman, working at her kitchen table, to one of the top digital agencies in San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York. What’s our secret? Well, we havesomething no one else does.

We have Sydney: office dog extraordinaire, and the…

Ryan McGuire

Creative Strategist at BSTRO.

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