I recently spoke with Rotimi from the Unmotive Podcast about working from home, and how to stay productive when sheltering in place. Since founding Neuron, I have been working remotely from Vancouver, Canada, while the rest of the team worked out of Seattle initially and now San Francisco. I’ve learned a lot over these past four years, especially when it comes to remote leadership and maintaining connection from a distance. When we transitioned to an entirely remote team as a result of COVID-19, I was able to offer my team some useful insights about this new way of work.

I should start by saying I recognize it is a privilege to even be able to work from home, certain occupations are simply not conducive to being conducted remotely so I recognize the same rules don’t apply universally. …


Ryan Matthew

Co-founder of Neuron, a UX/UI design and digital strategy agency (https://www.neuronux.com/)

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