Processes Do Not Guarantee Outcomes

A strong process cannot guarantee a great outcome. Simply following the steps does not make something happen. One can have all the right ingredients, follow the steps and still just make a mess. The great execution of a strong process by capable people with high aspirations results in a great outcome. Without all three elements, the process by itself is not worth much.

I believe that if you assemble a group of highly capable people that come up with lofty goals, they can quickly develop a basic process to do what they set out to do. If they will then focus on executing that process really well, understanding the details of how and why it works, their lofty goals will be achieved.

Then more highly capable people will want to come be a part of that success and help them do what they are already doing well. This allows them all to do more of it. As this virtuous cycle spins around a couple of times, growth becomes exponential.

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