Domain Addiction… or Property Owner?

These are good, right? I own them and now you can’t. #Winning (?)

My cart stares at me. $302.00.

I look at the long list of domains trying to justify which ones I should keep and which ones I should let go to the villainous hands of some invisible enemy that will take my idea and build an empire.

I pour over them and decide that I can’t let any of them go. They’re all my beautiful babies and they have so much potential. It would be like leaving them on the doorstep of some cobweb entangled orphanage with bad Yelp reviews. I am not a bad father.

I don’t think it’s a real problem. I love domains. I think of them as the most beautiful beginnings to a brands story, a blogs ideology, a public figures rise…

I’m in #VirtualReality and #LiveVideo (or #LiveStreaming) pretty hardcore. I’ve been nominated as Periscoper of the Year by the Shorty Awards, started the first major Periscope gathering that we originally named “#PeriscopeSummit” and it became Summit.Live. My team’s newest project is an international group of creatives in the VR space called VRSalon. The website is going to be VRSalon.Social.

It’s been fun building things that end in something other than .COM. It’s ugly, old, stupid, means nothing and just isn’t part of the story. In the below Team Blab session I speak with my friends from Rightside and Chris Heuer about some awesome stuff. At the end I get all fired up and inspired.

Watch it for these reasons:

  • Chris Heuer has owned WAY more domains than you would have guessed.
  • Good ideas on how to name your domain.
  • Funny ass domain ideas.
  • Get inspired.

In the end, the truth is that you can start a movement, a business, a blog… damn near whatever in the easiest way possible with some pretty simple tools. It’s gonna be your baby.

It starts with a name…

(Thanks to my friends Rightside for helping with this Blab)

Sidenote: You can find me at Ryan.Live — pretty dope, right?

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