List of Periscope Firsts

Anyone Can Innovate

“Wilson!!! We can have that fondue partaaayyyy!”
“I don’t know of any voice over actors on Periscope.” I said to David Stanley over Facebook Messenger.

Facebook isn’t a platform for the innovative. It’s all been done and now it bores me to death. I put up obligatory posts, share family photos and create events. Beyond that Facebook is a dusty Betty Crocker cookbook that only has gelatin/meat recipes.

My passion is Periscope. It’s the Wild West of social media and I want to be Doc Holiday up in this piece. I want to roll into Tombstone with a bag of nails and build my business and grow my brand.

We’re the first settlers and we can do that. Some of us already have.

The following list is for fun and I’ve put it here on Medium because you, dearest reader, can add to it. I love the creators and innovators and the MAIN reason I write this is so that we can — — —

ADD TO IT!!!!!

  1. Birth of @funyguydon daughter
  2. @HillaryClinton political misuse of Periscope opened things up for other politicians to get a little closer to…. adequate.
  3. Periscope Drone Flight by @JonErikThinks
  4. @AppleTV Mirroring by @ryan_a_bell to do “Magic Carpet Rides” in his living room.
  5. @SwagBot’s First Auction. It was a T-shirt but it was an auction and Swagbot did it.
  6. @Ryan_A_Bell First Feed to Song Crowdsourced collaboration to write a country song.
  7. @SanDisk was first to have Periscope consultants (@missjamielynn & @ryan_a_bell) to Scope live demo of a product.
  8. Kitten Grenade was the first wedding shown on Periscope. This is a wonderful example of sharing your life and your world.
  9. First meet up in NYC. Since then there have been multiple meet ups and there will be a BIG @PeriscopeSummit in New York in September.
  10. @jonjacquestvquit his lucrative job at one of the biggest YouTube marketing companies in the world to Periscope full-time and runs the First Official Periscope Talent Show called @ScopesGotTalent. CLICK HERE FOR Performance Highlights

We’re in the midst of a social media revolution and we’re all spoons in the pot. As founder of Periscope Community Summit I want us all to contribute. I want US to make content, engage and show our worlds.

My true preference is that you, dearest reader, not just add to the conversation by adding things that have already been done.

Get out there and do something new and amazing.

… and then do something new and amazing again.