Periscope Needs You!

Get on NOW

Engage damnit!

There are open niches to be filled in Periscope. There are opportunities to grow a following, begin a brand, inspire people, share music or recipes…

I think of the future when more of us will be mirroring on @AppleTV and hilariously using our big screen as our second screen… our 55' peripherals to our cellular apparatus’.

It’s counterintuitive but that’s what’s happening.

It’s Mondy night and I feel as though I’m flipping channels as I go in and out of rooms on Periscope. I leave @GrantCardone after I feel adequately motivated and go into @BradManTV to be amazed by the fact that he’s talking to the stars of Jurassic World and then go into @KirkFox ‘s room to see him hunt serial killers…

You might not get it.

At the moment I follow 443 people. The funny thing is that I need more.

I’d like this article to serve as a discussion for what people would like to see on Periscope.

I’ll start:

  1. Personal Trainer — How awesome would it be to interact with a personal trainer in real time? It would be easy to format. A discussion before and after the workout. Viewers would have the video playing on they’re television through AppleTV mirroring or a computer. Bam! Million dollar idea free from your boy @ryan_a_bell
  2. Children’s Shows — My favorite show is a sock puppet… I see a future in which children and parents can interact with a puppets.
  3. Florist — Relaxation. Just put some flowers together and use a soft voice. I’ll watch you forever.
  4. Baker — See #3. I want to watch you make the cookies and cakes.
  5. Babywearer — My wife loves wraps. She collects these expensive linen things and she’s so very stylish and uses different ties and holds (almost as though she were a wrestler).

The possibilities are endless. Cooking show, craft beer, horse training, life on a farm, military life, zoo keeper, the next Bob Vila, wedding planning, dance instructor, mechanics corner, bedtime stories…


Let’s have a look at what you can do.

We’re still in the early adoption phase. The funny thing is that you can be a natural at Periscope. You can have a popular show. You’re just not going to know unless you try.

There are beautiful things happening…

It’s a Monday and I’m watching @AmandaOleander with rapt wonderment as she paints another beautiful canvas in a full broadcast. She inspires, creates and connects. It’s glory on a smudged screen. During these times as I see her counts reach 20M hearts and her following near 150K that I begin to wonder about her life prior to Periscope…

Even that is beautiful to me.

I put this on Medium so that you could add your two cents. Put some ideas to the right of mine (#MediumFanBoy). I’m all about the discussion. Your reach may just help inspire the next superstar…

Or you might be next.