COVID-19 has been one helluva ride. We’ve changed the way we work, we’ve changed the way we live our lives and we’ve realised that life can turn upside down really fast. I sent an anonymous survey out to everyone at work with 10 questions about the current working from home environment. They all answered some questions, here’s what I learnt.

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1. We miss our friends.

Some of miss travelling and going to the pub but most of us just miss hanging out with our buddies.

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2. Home and work — it’s a balance.

The novelty of working from home was better experienced in our heads… and in those crazy ads you see in strange places on the internet.

  • 66.7% would like to work both at home and the office during the week.
  • 33.3% would like to work from the office all of the time.
  • 0% want to work from home all of the time.

In reality — we like each other. We like spending time with each other in the office. There’s lots of nice plants at the office. …

Jake Ashe is the cinematographer and co-founder of Electric Bubble, an Australian based documentary production company.

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What led you to start making films?

I guess it’s the old cliche, I always loved movies as a kid and was ultimately fascinated by the magic of cinema. As an angsty teen, I started making films of my friends skateboarding and later found greater satisfaction in the process of that than actually skateboarding.

I was that one weird wiz kid in school who would rather film the swimming carnival than compete in it.

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It’s mid-afternoon when I arrive in the Golden City, Jaisalmer. The dry, sandy breeze intensifies my hangover. I jump in a rickshaw and head to my Hostel. The fort acts like a huge roundabout, so big that it blocks the afternoon sun on the drive over. …

8 Steps to reduce email anxiety

It has the power to change your day with a single notification — for better or worse. It might be an acceptance email from University or it might be a client barking at you to make the poster you just designed pop more. For many of us, emails are a catalyst for anxiety and stress. Email debt builds and productivity dwindles. Yet, emails are the main source of communication in the workplace.

So how can we fix it?

How can we be less stressed at work and stop worrying about emails?

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Here are some things you shouldn’t do when you receive an…

12 Tactics to simplify your growth strategy

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Marketing and Productivity tips from Shopify, UnBounce, Yoast and Monzo during Turing Fest 2019

We were in Scotland for Turing Fest, a cross-functional tech conference. It’s a melting pot of ideas, pioneers and industry leaders — bringing together 3,000 great minds to facilitate building and scaling remarkable technology. Some of the speakers included growth leaders from Shopify, UnBounce, Yoast and Monzo, as well as Chris Messina, the inventor of the hashtag.

They’re are some of the world’s leading technologists and marketers, and they had some insightful tips to share. From SEO to Ad blocker, remarketing, bug testing and a bunch more — here is what they had to say.

  1. Utilize Rich…

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Illustration by Icons 8


  1. Last Pass — keep all of your passwords safe and easy to access (Free)
  2. Wave Accounting — accounting and invoicing platform with a very sexy UI. (Free)
  3. Google keep — for ideas and notes. I’ll then transfer them into tasks if needed. (Free)
  4. Google Drive — 100gb is $2 a month if you’re looking for cheap storage.
  5. Grammarly — because English is stupid. (Free)
  6. Artboard Studio — A web app like photoshop but for mockups only. (Free + paid version)
  7. Envato Elements — a bunch of graphic templates, mock-ups, stock photos, icons, themes,… the list goes on. ($30 month for unlimited downloads).
  8. Hassl- a project management app without the bullsh*t. Tasks, time tracking, Gantt charts, files, chat… it’s great (Free + paid version)
  9. Adobe Capture — phone app, turn photos into vectors, make patterns, colour palettes, (free)

Insight from a freelancer barely keeping it together.

Yes, freelancing is great. The freedom to be your own boss and make your own rules. But damn it’s hard sometimes. Unless you have been doing it for a while and you have created your own processes, it can be an endless battle.

The majority of my freelance work is web design and content (writing, photography). …

I walk down an alleyway and into a fluorescent-lit workshop. Behind an assortment of half-built motorcycles and benches is a man in an apron and gloves, pulling a piece of metal from a furnace with a pair of dramatic tongs. He looks like he’s in his element.

He sees me from the corner of his eye, removes his goggles and turns the furnace gas off. Reaching out to shake my hand with his scarred knuckles and a welcoming grin beneath his beard.

I ask him if I was interrupting his flow.

“No, not at all. I was just making a spork for my buddy upstairs.”

I admire a man who orders a custom feeding utensil usually reserved for toddlers.

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Photo: @laurencejamesphotography

His name is Bud. He’s a modest man. An adventurer at heart with a love for winding down roads on his motorcycle. He even went to architecture school but I certainly can’t imagine him in a collared shirt slouching over a desk. …

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Born in 1958 as a result of serious beef with the Soviet Union, NASA has achieved some pretty rad shit, including, the Apollo Moon Landings, Skylab and undoubtedly their most impressive contribution to humanity — the super soaker water pistol. What I like most about NASA is they spent time and energy on the important things, like, space travel stuff, rather than hiring fancy graphic designers to create their patches.

I like to think of the design process consisting of a young intern, scrabbling over their desk, beads of brow sweat drip onto the paper as they attempt to illustrate a patch concept while a bunch of engineers and astronauts spitball ideas. …

I dropped out of university and headed to Europe without doing much research. I overstayed my visa and attempted to get out without getting in trouble.

It’s summer in Budapest.

I’m drinking more beer than water and occasionally working at a Hostel in return for free accommodation. …


Ryan Baldwin

Editor of Rarlo Magazine. Digital stuff at Hassl and Your Creative.

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