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Jour 107

Leadership Council President

Eric Clarke currently a sophomore here at the university of Nevada, Reno was last years president of Argenta Hall and also the head of the leadership council for on campus living. The profile I have done for Eric Clarke has main focus points on his story of how he got to the position of President, what is significant about this success for Eric and what he did while he held his position in office.

After a short but intriguing interview with Eric just merely a week ago I have come to the observation as him to be a reluctant leader while in office. Eric is a very calm and laid back person as he presents himself in the interview. A leader is what the woman who had forced him to be there must have saw in him. She had felt it critical for him to attempt in the presidential election after sitting down with him over matters you would not expect a leader or president for that matter to be involved in.

It was move in day for students living on campus. Eric stood outside of Argenta Hall and waved goodbye to his parents who had drove him here all the way from Oregon. He was all settled in and ready to go meet new people after a few short hours because he had known nobody besides his orientation group members from the previous summer. It was the first night and Eric had found himself in the dorms in a random dorm room partying with other students who were also trying to meet people. The party had escalated to 20 people in a small three bed dorm room on the second floor of Argenta Hall, it was getting loud and people just kept walking through the door. It was his first real taste of college and all of the sudden there was a knock on the door. It was the cops.

The next day Eric had himself already facing problems with the advisor of student conduct. As the advisors lecture went on Eric became more and more filled with the anguish he had felt over the situation. By the end of the lecture the advisor had told him that everyone named him as the person they knew from the room, which made no sense at all to him. When asked he merely suggested that he could not explain why he was the main suspect. The advisor instead of punishing him suggested in a forceful way or “black mailed” as Eric said, that he run for president because of how well spoken and responsible he was in the situation. If he did not campaign she threatened that he could be kicked out of the dorms. However, she saw something in him that he didn’t. She saw a reluctant leader.

Eric had to put together a speech for the election. But, He did not. He approached the podium and told the student body to vote for him hoping they wouldn’t. They did and he won.

I had asked Eric how he felt when in office and what he liked and didn’t like. He constantly repeated, “having to deal with the ideas of many”. Eric did not have much interest in any of the matters other elected leaders had brought to light. As the year went on Eric had noticed that previous members had not rewritten the on campus living constitution in over 10 years.

Eric went on to do exactly what the advisor of student conduct saw in him and that was to make an impact on the student body regarding the rights and laws for students living on campus. He had rewritten over 100 pages of documents establishing a more 21st century take on regulations for the student body. Who would have thought that the man who sought to do nothing would make an impact for his year in office and also years to come?

He did it because he felt that it was his job and it was a matter that needed to be dealt with. His motivation was the support he had from other council members and other officials responsible for students on campus.

Such a peculiar situation involving a bad rep for Eric caused the advisor to get face-to-face time with Eric. From that day on she saw something that even he didn’t.

The administration is very happy with what Eric did and how long he came since day one as President. He felt a connection to the student body and he acted as a voice of the people. He had full support when indulging into the constitution. He had obtained his goal to make a difference.

He has always been a charismatic person and when asked to step up to the plate, as Eric would say being a member of the club baseball team here, he sure did knock one out of the park.

Will he venture into politics again? The future is unkown for this reluctant college leader.

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