Sports Thread: The Future of Social Media

I remember my college search like it was yesterday. While the application process was time-consuming and fairly stressful, I truly enjoyed the process of exploring my options and finding which school would be the best fit for me. However, in hindsight, I wish there would have been an easier to way to learn more about the student experience at each of the schools that I applied to. Now, a solution to this problem exists: Sports Thread.

Sports Thread is a social media app for prospective college students and, more specifically, college student-athletes. Through the main feed, called “The Thread,” users can browse a series of posts from current college students. These posts are typically photos or videos of college sporting events and social events, and they provide prospective students with an inside look at the true “college experience” at universities across the country.

I have been using the Sports Thread app as part of my internship this semester, but I will continue to use the app in the future. Thus, Sports Thread not only benefits prospective college students and prospective athletes in the recruitment process, but it also has value for current college students.

To learn more about Sports Thread and create an account, go to