Shameless Season 7

The show shameless brings into perspective what it is like for people who have never had the best home life and how they can eventually make something out of themselves. Throughout the whole show they lead you to believe that their father, Frank Ghallagher, is a big part of the reason that their lives are so shitty and why they struggle just to make ends meet.

Cast of Shameless

We will never know what it is like to have an alcoholic father or a bi-polar mother who leaves all the time so it is hard for us to comprehend why the characters struggle to find the mindset to make it out of the low income neighborhood they live in. But this last season really showed that all of the charcters in the Ghallagher family start to make real improvements in their lives and are trying to make a living for themselves.

The thing that I don’t think these characters understand is that if it wasn’t for Frank being such a shitty father, they would’ve never learned how to fight for what they believe and take what they believe is rightfully theirs.

At the end of season seven you really get a good look of who their father really is and how much he does care for them. Franks wife Monica comes back from another one of her many absences in this families life and lets Frank know she is dying and has something stowed away for the kids for their inheritance. Frank proves how much he loves these kids by finding their inheritance and instead of using it for drugs or beer, gives it to them weather they want it or not.

This just proves that even though their father is a piece of shit most of the time he really does love them and just wants the best for them. If it wasn’t for this show most people would never realize how lucky they have it and how close a community like that can actually be and this show does a great job of showing just how much where you came from matters.

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