The world is listening

Ryan Guzhnay
Apr 21, 2016 · 2 min read

New media art has taken the world by storm, with contemporary art revolutionizing the way we see art. The picture above is “Beyond the Mirage, Taiwan New Media Art”, and whilst it can be viewed as simply a piece of art, it can also be seen as a powerful statement. There are two ear like sculptures here, that goes to say how we are always listening, always aware of what’s new in the field of technology. . This has so much truth into it, since as the technological era advances, we often jump at the chance to view what is trending. These kinds of creations are definitely more appealing than the standard piece of paper art we see at our local museums. We can view these masterpieces up close rather than behind a glass wall, therefore more people are attracted to this kind of work.

Taiwan have taken a huge step in developing new media art, for they are the stepping stone various other countries and organizations will take to produce various new pieces of art. As this form of art remains new and exciting, there are endless possibilities of what to create, for just about anything would be interesting to view and it would gain a large audience. The picture above is “Going Green-New Environmental Art From Taiwan”, as this picture proves, art does not have to be all technology based. This just goes to show how art is around us, and the days where we cherished the Mona Lisa extensively are behind us, new media art is the new go-to, and the products are stunning.