Project #1

My wife and I were in Chapters the other day and they had this beautiful display of graphic/typography prints of all sizes with sleek frames to host them. I found myself wondering towards the display like a moth to a flame. I flipped through a few stacks of prints but nothing caught my eye. Don’t get me wrong they were all very well done and looked great. There just wasn’t one for me. So, I walked away empty handed but still took away inspiration for a project. Creat my own graphic/typography print. Before bed that night I did some research on etsy to see what’s out there and to see if there was a possibility of selling my print once it’s done. Straight away it was clear I had a few decisions to make. Do I want the pint to be only typography, only graphic, little of both? What colour pallet? What subject? In pondering these questions I came up with my plan for my first print.

I’ve drove by this factory numerous times. It’s in Port Huron, MI and I love it. I don’t no why I do, but I do. All I know is that I would love driving by it and waiting till the moment I was looking at it straight on. For a second it was a 2D image in my head. As of right now half of this factory doesn’t exists because it’s being torn down. Luckily I have the power of Google street view to preserve an image and give me a great starting point to my project.

So over the next number of weeks I’m going to work on turning this image into something worth hanging on your wall, and it’s going to be great. If you want to follow along I’ll post updates on my behance profile.

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