The “Good” Republican

The 2018 elections have stirred up record turn out for a mid term. Both sides are energized, but the same question keeps popping up in the heads of centrist Democrats everywhere. “Should I still vote for one of the ‘good” Republicans in my community?

The short answer is NO. Here’s Why:

There is no such thing.

Even in red states like Texas there are blue spots in the major cities like Dallas and Austin and Houston, where I live. For years Houston/Harris County has enjoyed a sort of purple atmosphere. Even I, a centrist Democrat, have voted for Republican leaders that I feel have done a good job in spite of their shortcomings relative to the LGBTQ community; of which I am also a member. Many of the ‘good’ Republicans I have voted for in the past will not be getting my vote this year. In fact, zero Republicans will be getting my vote this year.

So, what is a “good” Republican. Well, that candidate will likely tell you that they have experience and reach across the aisle and do a good job representing everyone in the community. They might be right. But here are the real questions I am looking at:

Where have you been the last two years!? I know you think that the policy is good but the man isn’t. But as a gay person who has been told “love the sinner not the sin” that. argument. doesn’t. track.

Have you denounced the vile behavior of this President and of the party to sit complicit in his behavior or not? And let me just tell you, the answer is usually that they have sat silent. And because of that, they gotta go.

It’s a special kind of privilege that makes “good” Republicans think that they are above the politics of it all. In fact, it’s the definition of privilege. It tells me that they either care more about their power than the community, or that they aren’t paying close enough attention to the community.

One “good” Republican told me that to elect his Democrat opponent over him would be “dangerous” due to her lack of experience. That statement seemed hyperbolic to me and at odds with the leader of the Republican party himself, Trump. How much experience did Trump have after all? It didn’t seem to bother the people who voted for him, so I am not going to let it bother me.

Where Democrats go wrong time and again is that they think too much. I used to think that thinking was a good thing but you can’t beat an animal like the new Republican party by being reasonable. It’s our party’s greatest weakness in fact. You gotta vote em out. All of them. Vote em out and salt the earth. Then maybe in 2020, 2022, 2024 we can revisit those ‘good’ Republicans.

Listen, I like “good” Republicans. In fact, some of my very best friends consider themselves “good” Republicans. But that doesn’t mean I’m voting for them. So, if you come at me with, “You should vote for him, he’s a ‘good’ Republican.”

You’ll likely hear this response, “Don’t piss on my foot and tell me it’s raining.”

Democrats, we don’t have votes to spare in this election. Think like a Republican and vote Democrat.