Some good stuff debated here.
James W.

Thanks for your feedback, James.

I agree with a majority of your comment. The only issue, isn’t with your comment, is rather on the mindset that the Knicks must do something this summer in order to be competitive next season.

That, in its own sense, is the epitome of the New York Knicks’ last 10 years of management: putting a band-aid over a more serious issue.

The Knicks never had a proper rebuild and one can argue that they’re just prolonging their current rebuild project of Kristaps Porzingis by not allowing him to be the primary option on offense.

There’s just way too much going on in the Knicks right now and it’s not going to be pretty in the future even if they acquire some strong, stop-gap pieces this offseason.

They have to look long-term: Add young, potential all-stars to play alongside Kristaps so that they can grow as a cohesive unit. The last thing the Knicks need is a revolving door of middling players around Kristaps.

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