If you need more energy and strength to endure your daily work, buy Nuvigil. This preparation is one of bestsellers in medicine and can deal with various health conditions. Actually, healthy people use this drug as frequently as those who suffer from such diseases as narcolepsy, ADHD, or fibromyalgia. This type of pharmaceutical products may also help you.

Short Description

Nuvigil has an active ingredient called Armodafinil and this is also one of its best known names. This substance has ability to normalize your sleep and awakening mechanisms and promote wakefulness at the first place. Preparations that contain this ingredient are known as smart drugs. This name comes from their ability to improve cognitive and mental functions of human brain. It is a mistake to think that one pill of a smart drug will make a superhuman out of its consumer. No superpowerful abilities; this is a tool that can make you successful if you are ready to do more and work or study harder.

By the way, military forces of several great countries use the described medication in their operations. For example, pilots of American Air Forces or French soldiers. This drug has a story of application in major military operations (including The Desert Storm in Iraq). The point is that it gives people the ability to stay awake for more than 15 hours at a row without losing their ability to concentrate, analyze, and make decisions.

Of course, like every other drug, Armod (another common name) has its purpose and it is to treat sleep and awakening disorders. At least, this is what Food and Drug Administration says. Other applications are illegal in the United States and some other countries. Nevertheless, people order Nuvigil online or buy it from other individuals without the receipt because this preparation is helpful in treatment of other illnesses connected to brain disorders.


Narcolepsy. If you get up in the morning with overwhelming feeling of tiredness and sleepiness and suddenly fall asleep during the day, visit your health care provider immediately. Most likely (or better for sure) you have narcolepsy and this is not good news. This sleep and awakening disorder once started cannot be reversed or stopped. There are a couple hundred thousand people in the United States who have been diagnosed, but there are also much more who do not know about their problem.

Symptoms of narcolepsy can vary, but there are few most frequent: excessive sleepiness, abrupt nap during the day, hallucinations, and even loss of muscle tone or sleep paralysis. Nuvigil successfully eliminates fatigue and sleepiness, but do not affect reasons of narcolepsy’s development. This is important to know. Unfortunately, no effective cure has been developed for treatment of this disease that can heal it completely. Therefore, narcoleptics must consume smart drugs on the regular basis according to doctor’s instructions.

OSA and SWSD. OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) causes problems with breathing during the sleeping time. Lack of oxygen in blood leads to serious damage of internal organs and low quality of night rest results in excessive sleepiness, fatigue, foggy state of mind, and ineffectiveness.

Same consequences has such disease as shift work sleep disorder. Beside application of smart drugs, patients should follow all recommendations given by their health care provider. In case of OSA, they should wear special breathing devices that prevent pauses in inhaling. In case of SWSD, they must work out a special regime of sleep during the day.

People with these problems buy Nuvigil because without it they cannot be effective during the day, but it cannot be the only method of fighting with the issue. Talk to your doctor and follow all his instructions of you want to make your life better. Do not rely upon people who have their “own experience”, but are not medical professionals.

Neurodegenerative disease.When nerve cells in human brain are damaged or begin to die, a person’s mentality, cognition, and physical health starts to decline. Death of neurons leads to problems with movement coordination; patients can have dancelike movements that they cannot control. Development of dementia becomes more intensive with time and finally leads to complete disability in self-care. And of you think that smart drugs cannot be helpful in this situation, you are wrong.

It is important to order Nuvigil because this powerful brain stimulant makes detrimental processes in central nervous system slower. This is very important for both patients and their families. With this drug, sick people get improvement or memory, better movement control and coordination, and reasoning. Armodafinil has wonderful effects that spread to different parts of our body because it influences our “headquarters” or brain. It can be applied in treatment of three major neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s.

Fibromyalgia. You probably do not know about such illness; nevertheless, there are about 4 million adult people in the United States who live with it. Every single day they outlive more or less severe pain in muscles and the whole body in combination with extreme fatigue. Most of their time such patients spend in bed because they do not have strength to study, work, or simply move. Almost all of them suffer from deep depression.

Nuvigil is able to make ache less severe. Receiving some energy and feeling less pain, individuals with fibromyalgia can successfully perform simple tasks like home chores, shopping, and walking outside. There are even stories when they start doing sports, hitchhiking, and other interesting activities that demand great amount of energy. This is really lifechanging preparation.

Other applications. Not only sick people use this smart drug. Students of most respectful colleges of the world apply it in their studying. Armod increases concentration, improves learning skills, boosts memory, and you can recall learnt material even when its effect is over. Some may consider it cheating, but it is just one of methods how to make yourself more efficient. Some people use these pills to reduce, but this is not a very good idea, because loss of weight is one of its side effects and not a purpose of usage.

Side effects

We’ll be honest: Nuvigil has side effects and some of them can be potentially dangerous for your health. Mild consequences of its usage can be: headaches (from moderate to severe), dizziness (do not drive your car under the effect of smart drugs), stomach upset, diarrhea, and some others. If you recognize signs of allergic reaction, call for medical help right away. Signs of allergic reaction are swelling of face, lips, tongue, and/or throat, itching, and skin disorders.

Visit your doctor if you do not feel better after some time of treatment or if you feel worse than before. Any negative symptom that lasts for more than few days must be taken as a possible threat; call your doctor and discuss it with him.


Common dose of Armodafinil is one 100–150 mg pill once per day, taken in the morning with or without food. Any changes should be discussed with the professional health care provider. Do not stop the process of treatment abruptly; do not change the dose without doctor’s permission. Never use any drug that has expired shelf life.

It is important to follow doctor’s instruction that he gives to you personally. Other people may need other dosage even having the same symptoms. Do not share your pills with others. If you order Nuvigil online and do not have the prescription label, read the instruction paper carefully and do what it says. Do not overdose. If you do, call appropriate health care services and seek medical help. Do not drink alcohol while you have the course of treatment with this smart drug; it may be dangerous to your health and life.

Keeping. When you buy Nuvigil, pay attention to the date if its production and shelf life. Do not keep the drug after it is over. Store in dark, dry, and cool place, but not in the fridge. Keep away from children.

Where to buy? If you cannot find this preparation in local drug stores, use online shopping option. On most websites, you can find both the original and generic versions of it and even choose propositions that suit you the most. Use world wide shipping service if you live in Europe.