Restoring My Sanity with Our Renewed Cause Fighting for our Future
Carita Marrow

I’m a Trump supporter.

If you want to talk about violence on Trump’s side, I think it’s clear that there is actually more coming from Hillary’s camp. I live in Oakland. What do you think would happen if I wore my Trump openly in public? I don’t think much would happen to be honest, but there is still a big possibility of violence.

Anyway, Trump winning isn’t a pro white thing. It’s a Pro-American thing. Many of the counties that dramatically voted Obama, now vote Trump, and did so on the basis that America was going to start putting American’s first. Why, when America is facing a situation where many of its millennial males have gone uneducated and largely unemployed, would we bring 65k Syrians here? Why, when America is trillions in debt — when some of the cities with the most illegals are facing a housing crisis with rising rents — would we allow illegal criminals to stay here and be taken care of by our justice system?

Why would we continue giving out a bunch of H1B1 visas to foreign tech workers in Silicon Valley when there are Americans like your friends (and me) that are looking for a job in that sector?

At this point, especially with black people, you’re the ones dividing yourself from white people. This thing seems like something you’re really set on, but I’ll tell you because someone should: the pics you posted make you look pretty racist.

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