A cup of joe(attention to detail)

I always get asked what kind of coffee I’d like to buy when I enter this shop. There’s always two choices. I almost always say the same thing: “Surprise me. I’m not picky.” As long as it’s not instant coffee, which tastes like hot water. There’s no bitterness or depth to it. I’d take a gas station coffee over instant any morning. Heck I’d even take a McDonald’s coffee. McDonald’s coffee is surprisingly good, and it always reminds me of my aunt. She loved McDonald’s black coffee.

As explained in my previous entry “The little things” my assigned seat is occupied. So as I wait for its occupants to disappear I have a front row seat to people watch. I’m sitting directly in front of where people order their beverage of choice. There’s a man to the left of me sitting at the bar who has a full and impressive black beard and a turban on. It might not be a turban, but that’s what it looks like. My first thought about him is what a pain in the ass it must be for him to live in this country. There’s so much racism fueled by fear due to 9/11, I just hope that he’s not exposed to too much of it. He dresses well, better than I ever have, and speaks perfect English. I’ve seen him in here a few times.

In the far left corner of the shop where I usually sit there’s a man who works here that I talk to frequently. He’s in his mid twenties and has to shave his head due to extreme balding. He has a baby face so it’s slightly humorous to me that he’s bald. He always wears knitted hats, which actually don’t look too bad on him. It helps if you know him a little bit. He’s a goofball so the hats fit his personality along with his shiny head.

In the back of the shop in the far left corner there was a couple taking pictures with each other on a disposable camera. Those things used to be the only way to take pictures unless you wanted to buy an actual camera. Now we have computers in our pockets that we can take pictures on whenever we please. It’s remarkable how far we’ve come with technology. It’s remarkable how stupid it makes people. However without it I wouldn’t be able to write out my feels to random strangers through a screen. So it’s a love hate relationship. This shop uses an IPad for card transactions. I think that’s pretty awesome. It’s a lot more convenient than having to print off a receipt. It might not seem like that much of a difference, but again it’s the little things. They also have an old record player that they play music on every day so at least there’s a mix of old and new.

There’s a fellow in the front left of the store that has one of those earphone things in. Whenever I see someone wearing those my first thought is always: “douchebag.” Like that recurring character in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I’ve lost count on how many times I thought someone was talking to me randomly on the street only to find out they’re wearing a earphone. Or whatever the hell they’re called. Is it really that hard to hold an actual cell phone up to your ear?? Why do those things still exist? It’d make more sense if someone without arms was wearing one, but they’d still need someone with arms to put it on their ear for them.

The guy I briefly mentioned in my previous entry who always wears the same hat and sits at the bar is a couple seats down to the right of me. He’s got a small piano keyboard attached to his laptop along with large headphones. I didn’t know keyboards that attached to laptops existed. Another score for technology. I wonder what musical invention he’s creating.

The bald fellow with the knitted cap just started working. I got my second refill from him moments ago. Two customers walked in as I was getting it and asked him how he was doing. He said: “Never better!” I’ve learned enough about him to believe that. His goofy and positive energy is very contagious. I wonder if he realizes how much that grows on people like myself who let it. Oh the little things. There’s a lot to be thankful for through them. As long as you’re willing to open up to it.

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