First Entry. Best Title Ever.

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” A drunken rant of melancholy? An inspiration to the movie “Inception”? Only Edgar Allen Poe knows for sure. That’s what poetry is to those who dare to grasp it’s thick horns. Poetry to me is without genre. It is what the artist makes it. What seeps out of them like a sponge. Poetry is life even to those who do not write. It’s the way all of us are controlled by perception.

Take this as an example of someone who seems Buzz Lightyears away from the often “elegant, graceful, and sophisticated” labeled world of poetry:

Doug lives in a shack in the woods. He spends his days taking care of his dogs Rufus and Ted. Doug is not very creative with dog names. When he’s not taking care of his dogs he’s fucking his cousin Bessie. No she is not a cow. Needless to say Doug would still fuck her if she was. He’s been “around the block” in most ways people wouldn’t care to learn. Just in case you didn’t figure that out with the fact that he fucks his cousin.

This story I just made up about a smelly cousin fucker named Doug is a poem in itself. Doug may not realize it, because he can’t read, but the way he sees and lives life is art. Poetry. Poetry in a very uncomfortable sense to most souls. What’s that you ask?

“Does this Doug guy have one of those?”

“A soul?”

“Yeah that. I know Squidward Tentacles doesn’t, but I’ve never met Doug.”

“Well I haven’t either dumbass. He came from my head.”


Alright. I’ll bite. To dig deeper into your silly question we have to take a step back and ask another one….or two or ten: “what is a soul?” What makes a soul? What goes beyond a soul? Beyond Two Souls? Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe? Anyone? Alright moving on. “Eyes are the windows into the soul”. What does that say? When you’re looking someone directly in the eyes what do you feel? What do they feel? Depends on the situation and or person right? A common symptom of Autism is lack of eye contact. What do you think that means? I know. So many question marks. Hang in there.

The truth is I have no fucking clue. Nobody does really. To me soul is just a more intense word for personality. The way people act, behave, and perceive. Everybody’s got one of those right?

“Well what about people who shoot up schools? Do they choose to do that because of their personality?”

Once again. No fucking clue. It’s what they believe in in that moment so my opinion is in a way that’s because of their soul. Then again the line between what a person believes in and mental illness is blurry at best. Lets look at one of the first major school shootings: Columbine. Two classmates who decided it would be in their best interest to plant bombs in the school cafeteria and shoot the remaining survivors. Did they have a concrete reason for doing this? I’m not sure. I wasn’t there.

See? Me neither. I’m not trying to avoid the topic. I just simply like most people don’t have the answers. To me it’s all about the way you see things. We’re all living and breathing poems in my bright green souls.

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