Just another blogger talking about tattoos

When I was a young lad I never thought I’d get a tattoo. When I was graduating high school I never thought I’d get a tattoo. It’s been four years since then and I have 3 soon to be 4. My biggest issue when I was younger is I thought I would look ridiculous when I was 60. Now I can’t wait to see what my ink looks like when I’m old and gray.

Another issue I had with them is I couldn’t even begin to comprehend an idea worthy enough to be embedded into my skin for the rest of my days. That has also changed. With relationships two people can be as close as Han Solo and Chewbacca were, but never know the exact way the other thinks. Tattoos eliminate that for me as does writing. My ink is a gateway into my thought process whether others realize that or not. My thought process is a train, and my ink is a ticket to the public. People who get meaningful tattoos, that being almost anything besides sports teams and logos, are my heroes. People who get ink done for the soul purpose of getting ink done can go suck a fatty. I know. That sentence escalated quickly, but seriously. If you’re going to get a tattoo why waste such a creative opportunity? It’s the same dire mistake as wearing a band T-shirt of a band you don’t even listen to. Those people can go suck two fatty’s.

I’m not sure how many tattoos I will have 5 years down the road. At the rate I’m going lately my guess is it will be in the double digits, and I’m just hunky dory with that.

Is getting tattoos just a phase? I don’t believe that to be a possibility considering they’re permanent. I’d like to be getting them as long as I still have room for them. I shouldn’t rush it, and I don’t mean to but when a tattoo idea inhabits my mind it’s like my writing. I expand on it, and then I have to get it done. It is a requirement. The last one I got was about 3 months ago. I told my tattoo artist I would probably be back in 6 months for another. Close enough. I have the money for it, well I will when I get paid tomorrow, and they make me feel good about myself so I see no problem with this addiction. I am not addicted to the pain. That part I could do without, although after the first half hour I’ve gotten used to it, I’m addicted to the creative expression it brings out in me and others.

It’s 2016 in case anyone was wondering. As the years have gone by creative expression and self awareness have blossomed beautifully, which means tattoos are less frowned upon than they used to be. These days it’s almost odd running into someone without them. That doesn’t mean everyone should have them. Tattoos are also a representation of one’s personality. Some individuals don’t possess personalities that would look good represented by ink. I mean no offense with that statement. It’s like if I got a nose ring. It wouldn’t look good, because that isn’t me. Make sense? Or like if the Pope got a sleeve done. As badass as that would look I highly doubt it would do his personality justice. This has been another random blog post from yours truly.