The prologue to life

I think when you’re in your early 20’s everything feels like the beginning. The beginning of the beginning. In other words the beginning hasn’t even started yet. The prologue, but what do you call the prologue to the prologue? The cover of the book? I feel like the cover of my book hasn’t even been completed yet.

It can be extremely frustrating. I often feel like a tumbleweed. No purpose, just a prisoner to the weather. That’s why I’m quitting my day job in a couple weeks and going to school full time in the fall. It’s time for this tumbleweed to hit the books again! Anyone else see what I did there?

Some folks might think I’m making a mistake. Some might believe that I should continue working, but I need some time before school to mentally decompress. I need some time to feel free again. To remember what a summer vacation actually fucking feels like. I don’t think that’s a crime. I’m just grateful I can actually take advantage of this opportunity.

Things are about to change and it’s up to me to make them turn out for the better.

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