Defend science and religion not the issue, defend against stupidity yes !

Bajawa Mosque, NTT (private collection)

To me, its clear from the very beginning,

like science and religion, we don’t need to defend the science, the issue of Global Earth and Flat Earth is the case, the minority and majority of religion and how to defend it from riot between devouter is not the issue.

but it tickle me as the self proclaimed “longtime student” is very clear from the very start, the debate between GE and FE is the fight about stupidity, and whoever make its serious enough are dumb enough. it’s a matter of science in the past, and enough is enough, the fact won’t change ! the funniest part is I joined the facebook group just to laugh sometime over the words. thanks man

second matter is about the depend religion, I’m a proud muslim even though not the so called religious one, but as far as my own knowledge an interpretation or perspective, I will depend my religion on special case against stupidity of the faith. ISLAM is PERFECT, I’m not, it’s us not my Muhammad SAW(pbuh)prophet the one to follow have said that GOD — Allah SWT will protect ISLAM by ownself. we only just to begin WAR to OUR OWN PEOPLE who refuses to perform their responsibility and ignore and disobeyall the things that Allah has prohibit.

That is that, ISLAM is PEACE, wherever we are, against minority or majority, we must create peace to another devouter, we have to accept that, this is life worth to keep peace and let them know that ISLAM and MUSLIM are peacekeeper and the one you can put trust to any circumstance.

in case, world knows, we are heart-loving, full dignity, humble and kind one !

Have a-peace local elections Indonesia

15 February 2017