Federalist Redux: In defense of a new world

There is perhaps no better a time to mount a defense of government, the likes of which have not been seen since the Federalist Papers. This, however, will be no defense of our current government; a government that has endured and has worked well for some, and has indeed already been defended. No, friends, this will be a defense of a new government and world. A new way of organizing ourselves as humanity so we may all survive and eventually thrive together. Our current reality is coming apart at the seams, just when we so desperately need it to function and the parties are dismantling it using the very Constitution Hamilton defended. We can no longer blind ourselves to the hopelessness that is our current future reality. We must forge ahead anew. Our actions today can be steps towards the transformation we need or simply steps on the stairway of the status quo. One path saves all of us and our very humanity, the other continues to diminish us in this zero-sum game of partisan free fall.

We are all now called upon to defend our future, a subject worthy of our every effort and one that’s very existence is at stake. There is no hyperbole in my expression and no sarcasm in my delivery. We have lived out of harmony with each other and our world for too long and now, with our backs against a wall, have no choice but to adapt fast. Our technological attempts to control nature are mere disruptions to already disrupted natural systems and our ways of being with each other and in community are more isolating than solitude. One may defend our current world saying that it is better than ever before and constantly improving but I challenge them to ask the simple but often-overlooked question:

“for whom?”

While some of us may look around and see the world improving, most others aren’t so lucky. The material improvements that some of us enjoy are being subsidized on the backs of people across the world forgotten and oppressed and from mountains turned inside out. A global class of neo-slaves provides us with everything from the pants we wear and the devices in our pockets to the strawberries we eat in January. The destruction of the lives of the majority of the world’s citizenry is only rivaled by the destruction of the world itself.

One need not venture far to see this destruction first-hand. Even the great cities of our time have left behind large pockets of their populations. This abandonment can be seen outside of cities too where farming communities, once self-sufficient, are now unable to feed themselves, instead they are caught in the ever-increasing costs (financial, environmental, health) of an industrial farming system that produces chemical and caloric output rather than food. These two marginalized communities, cast away by capitalism, are defined along racial lines and are exploited as such. Rather than understanding a commonality and kinship to their counterparts of color in cities, rural white folk align themselves with they very class of elites that would have them starve while selling them mortgages for new and more advanced tractors. A shroud of scarcity has been pulled over our eyes so that we may not see each other as members of the same human tribe but rather competition for the limited resources that we are consuming and consumption is the master we all serve. We are made to consume the Earth and in the end each other until we’re each consumed ourselves. Is that a world worth defending, is that a world that’s really getting better all the time?

It is time to consider our future and move towards something new with all deliberate speed. Our future is worth defending because each one of us matters in the future. Our present is beyond defense because each one of us does not matter now. Our future is one of creation and production, rather than consumption and destruction. Join us, dear friends, on the road to abundance. Let us leave behind the weights and walls of our current world and allow ourselves to transform and fly away to something new.