Stuck, Stale, Shamed; Inspired

I’ll be brief. Today started out not so great, as last night ended. I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time in the garden this week because this daily writing project has seemed stale. It was perhaps an online interaction that occurred over the weekend that still has me grasping for hope as we continue plummeting towards a total eclipse of equity and justice in this free nation. I was hoping to have the fortitude to post an analysis of that interaction, which was essentially the breakdown of American politics in a short facebook thread. Given that the antagonist of the story is a family member and the interaction brought to the surface all of the things that have made me critical/shamed/depressed about our world as long as I can remember, I haven’t had the emotional strength to revisit it yet this week.

That’s about where I was this morning. After some journaling, a nap and some more gardening, I finally opened my computer to write something for the day. I had no direction or plan so I browsed some things I had already written before opening the dusty folder labeled “fiction”. There I opened a short-story that I had rediscovered a couple months ago but had begun the spring before Michael Brown was murdered. It’s about a spark that ignites a movement, or strengthens one. It was a bit eerie to reread that given all that has happened since August 2014. I decided to continue writing that story today and now have an outline for a series of short fiction that I will seek to publish. I can’t say for sure if I’ll continue these daily posts or not but I have certainly valued the process thus far and am grateful to everyone for reading and supporting.

They say creativity comes from pain, or something like that.
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