Three Weeks In and an Offer

This will be brief. I’m about at the end of 3 weeks of this daily writing commitment and discovery phase. Each week has come with additional clarity and this exercise has helped bring that out. I find myself increasingly busy as different paths start forming through many conversations I’ve had and more than a few times I have considered how long I will continue this daily posting, but so far I have. I’ve considered it because I wonder if the time I’m taking to write these posts could be better used on a larger writing project—there are books in my head somewhere. So far, I’ve trusted that this process will lead me to that answer.

The one amazing thing that has happened, and this is something all of the self-help blogs and books say is true, is that opening myself up like this invites others in. I’ve had several people already in these weeks reach out to meet and offer to help in whatever ways they can to further this path that I’m on. That’s an incredibly good feeling, knowing that I have a support network outside of my home, and I’m grateful for all of you. It would not do to simply accept these offers gratefully without reciprocating, so I will make one here to anyone reading this.

If you have a project, a company, an organization, or just have an idea, let’s have coffee and chat. If I can help with writing or connections or brainstorming, or you just need someone to listen, I would love to meet you. Let’s stretch this experiment a bit and see what we can make happen.

Drop me a comment and we’ll connect.

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