Adventure 014: Ryan Made an Entire Short Film in One Day Then We Went to Mt. Hood

written by: @haileythelen

It’s been over a month since our last blog, so we’re doing a little catching up. On December 8th, Ryan decided to make a short film. In that day he wrote it, filmed (most of the shots) and edited an entire short film.

Watch the craziness HERE:

After staying up all night finishing the edit, Ryan and I decided to just skip sleeping. At about 7 a.m. we decided to go on an adventure. Mt. Hood was the obvious choice (it almost always is). The endless winding forest service roads, sublime views and good vibes from the mountain make for a seriously awesome adventure.

Our first stop was coffee in the town of Sandy, Oregon. We both ordered white chocolate mochas from a gift shop/espresso stand. It was like $5 for both drinks and they were surprisingly delicious. Our next destination was the Mt. Hood Highway. We never make any real plans when we go on day adventures like this. The universe will always take us exactly where we need to go.

After passing a few of the roads we had taken before, we decided to veer off on Forest Service Road 2639 The wet road and the bright green pines made for a perfect shot. Ryan and I both stopped. From somewhere through the pines we heard what sounded like crazy amounts of water gushing down. We climbed through the trees and found a gorgeous river area.

This road was already bringing us to some awesome locations, so we continued on. After about a mile or two the road came to an end. A trail sign at the end of the road read “Little Zizag Falls”. Obviously that sounded fun.

The super short and super awesome trail left us wanting a little more before we went home. We had noticed a few other pull offs on the road that looked to be trailheads, so we stopped at one called Hidden Lake. It was about a 4 or 5 mile hike round trip and led to a little hidden lake at the base of Mt. Hood. Shortly after we began, it started pouring. We didn’t let that stop us though. The trail climbed up to a beautiful opening to the foothills ahead, then wrapped up and around the bottom of the mountain through a dense fog consumed forest. The rain shortly turned to hail, which by that time we were already drenched in our non-rain coats.

Soon we found the small ice covered lake. The trail was supposed to continue past the lake and onwards to the base of Mt. Hood, but because of the excessive rain, it ended right at the lake.

We were pretty tired with no sleep and hiking about 5 miles in the pouring rain, so we decided to head home.

The rainy Mt. Hood was a wonderful place for a random Wednesday adventure.

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