Adventure 12: The Oregon Coast

written by: Hailey Thelen

“As I look into your eyes, the tie dye trio of indigos take me to depths deeper than the sea” -A letter (our newest short film being released tomorrow!)

After our long days of traveling back to Portland, we decided we needed a cleansing trip to the ocean. We packed a picnic, stopped by our favorite coffee shop and drove the quick 1.5 hour drive to the Oregon Coast. With no destination in mind, we found a great picnic spot at a place called Arcadia Beach. Watching and listening to each wave crash against the serene shoreline allowed for all of my worries drift away. We filmed a little footage for “A Letter” (Behind the scenes stuff coming soon), and then headed back home.

Back on Highway 26, Ryan had the great idea to stop at one of our favorite hikes. Saddle Mountain. The quick hike brought us up to an awesome foggy view point overlooking the foothills that lie between Portland and the coast.

To say the least, it was a wonderful, refreshing day.

Enjoy our photos below.

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