Another Mt. Hood Adventure — Adventure 27

written by: Hailey Thelen

August 19th 2016-

On August 19th we had the opportunity to film a proposal!! Caroline had been planning this for over 8 months and asked us to be there to capture it all on camera! She proposed at a stunning location on the Columbia River and it was amazing.

Due to the fact that we hadn’t had any form of transportation to adventure (the very thing we do best) past June…we decided to make a full adventure day with our rental car. We drove around the Mt. Hood highway all day long, driving up and down forest service roads in search of a place called Lookout Mountain that we had been to the winter before. We were unable to find that exact lookout, but we had such a refreshing day getting out of the city and breathing some fresh mountain air. After we filmed her proposal, we decided to make one last trip around the mountain and stopped at Trillium Lake to take some star photos. We always appreciate a good adventure.

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