Things are Finally Starting to Settle Down

The past few months have been a new level of hectic for us. In the beginning of July we embarked on our road trip through the Southwest. Although the majority of the trip was absolutely unreal, quite a few bad things happened amongst the amazing adventures.

The first night, we drove in the middle of two cliffs in the Crater Lake National Forest in a crazy rain/fog storm (by far the scariest drive of my life even compared to Minnesota winters). The first day we lost a really awesome brand new solar charger. Our Canon 6D then fell off the center console of the jeep and cracked the display in our 24–105mm lens. The next day, my phone fell off the dashboard of the jeep and landed on the camera and cracked the display screen on that. Then I got bumped into at our wedding shoot and the 24–105mm lens got a nice big scratch across the entire thing. At that point we had kind of just expected something else to happen, which it then did when we came home and our apartment had been robbed! Our wii, xbox, apple tv, my longboard and a few other things were just gone.

Separately, none of those events would have been a big deal, but one after the other made it challenging to stay positive. However, all of those things were simply just things. We didn’t need any of it. We were really just thankful that we were able to experience all that we did in July and that we weren’t there while the robbery was happening.

After being away from our apartment in Portland for almost two months, we decided we really didn’t need the huge apartment that we had. After a few weeks of back and forth with a place downtown Portland we finally got accepted! We just moved into our cute little studio apartment right across from the waterfront this past weekend.

It’s a lot smaller than our last place, but actually a lot bigger than we thought it was going to be. We were so excited to move in, so everything is already here and set up and we absolutely LOVE it.

Our kitchen is pretty small, but it’s so cute and definitely makes us appreciate the space we do have and the time and effort it takes to cook great food and maintain a nice and clean environment.

Here’s Ryan working this morning at our desk/dinner table.
We also have a great balcony that we decorated with a super comfy floor bed.
This is the view of Union Station from our balcony.
This is the cute little side street that our apartment windows face.

Although our apartment is smaller and we don’t have some of the amenities that we had at our last place, it is in a sweet location and we are saving a ton of money!

Although the past few months had been incredibly hectic, I always tried to stay positive thinking of this moment now. The moment that all of it was over and we would be settled into our new place. We are able to have a fresh start now and get to experience an entirely new perspective of the Portland area. We are so much more appreciative of the things we do have, and it’s quite sad that it took ruining our equipment and losing our stuff to teach us that.

Now please take a step back from what your doing right now, and embrace all the things surrounding you. Find positivity in all of them and appreciate your life at this moment. Remember that in hard times, it will always get better no matter what. I promise!

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