We moved into our VW Westfalia (Van Week One)

I don’t even remember when we actually made the decision to “live” in the van, but at some point we did and we stuck with it. Our lease for our downtown studio apartment in Portland, OR was set to be up on August 31st, and we had grown tired of living in the city. Summer was quite a roller coaster of both hope and expectation after expectation not getting meant (that’s why you shouldn’t have expectations-eh?). We had hopes of getting the van back from the repair shop by the end of June….then the end of July…..then praying to the universe that we would at least have it back by the end of August. Our mind had been so set on our next journey traveling in the van and almost every part of us believed that it would actually happen. Luckily, on the afternoon of August 29th, we received the news that the van was ready to be picked up.

We packed up everything we owned, except a small list of our essentials, into a small storage unit and headed off into the unknown.

We have a very rough plan of what the next few months may look like, but no day to day plan. In fact, I’m not entirely sure where we’ll be resting our heads tonight. We’ve had a few hard days, but never a regret of what we’ve chosen. We have the FREEDOM to do ANYTHING that we chose (as long as the van can get us there…or not, we like walking too). In just our first week, we’ve seen so many beautiful places and this new way of living has allowed us to wake up in the forest almost every day, adventure with no intention (or expectation hehe) and most importantly — slow down.

Follow along with our adventures over the next few months (we have some INSANE ones forming) and as always reach out to us if you have any curiosities, want to come visit us in the forest or just want to say hi!

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