“O Nerd Padrão é Imbecil e Preconceituoso”

Nobody says they’re going to rape women for pretending to be geeks. The girl I saw this post through actually lives up to the standard. It’s not asking a lot to suggest that if you want to identify as something because it’s been marketed as cultural in the last fifteen years, that you don’t phone it in.

I grew up as a geek. I drew more than I talked. I read comic books and made Play Doh people who bore skeletons and organs. I obsessed over Superman and manga. And I got dumped on for years for it. I didn’t enjoy things because they were popular or made me look cool. As a geek, I enjoyed things for me. I picked things for me.

JM, you have this awkward standard where men and women are both called out but only women are viewed as being picked on. A significant part of the staff of sites like Buzzfeed, Gawker, and even The Nerdist (men and women both) are late-ship “cultural” geeks who wear the term like a scarf to take off when it gets too hot.

I’ll be a geek until I die and many of those criticized (male or female) will gladly jump ship if it’s the cool thing to do. Get that: pretending to be geek is the cool thing. It contradicts itself.

“I say this because no one will threaten me for saying it and I hope women can, too.” If you say something offensive, certain people will threaten you regardless of your gender. But because you’re a guy, the media will ignore that you are getting insulted or threatened. Because you’re a guy, your rejection of offense taken by the horrid appropriation of the geek identity will be used to “prove” women are victims in the so-called geek culture.

Because I am a man and an actual geek, every word I speak in defense of my identity — and those bullied by the fake geeks you stand for — will be dismissed as misogyny, harassment, and vitriol.