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The show is horrible. A panel of celebrity judges that know absolutely NOTHING about building apps. I have 4 apps on the iPhone and Android marketplaces in addition to a seating reservation app that was featured on Billion dollar Buyer. This show is horrid, not sure why the author would try to peddle this show (unless theirs some fascination with celebrity appeal) which holds no bearing in the real world of technology.

I addition to it being a horrible example of how to build an app? According to the show you should: 
— Throw out your roadmap at a moment as notice 
— Act on all bad ideas but only if they come from a celebrity 
— Only focus on getting money
 — Don’t mention or seemingly think about your users / customers 
— Don’t do any research

If we did that at SeatNinja we would never have a product that would see the light of day. Horrendous.

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