How Trustpilot Extorts Businesses

Welcome to Trustpilot — There is no escape

Do as we say, not as we do

Your driver has arrived — 5 stars
I don’t know who Peter Simon is, or what he has to do with watches. Or seals 🦭.
But do they have monster munch?
Good guy Alex at it again with the health insurance
I can’t say for sure that Trustpilot doesn’t also offer backup software, but it’s unlikely at best
  1. They are clearly not about
  2. They are all 5-star reviews
You can hope all you like Olivia, but it’s not
You and me both
You know what Trustpilot likes more than ideas? Money.
Thanks for nothing
We all have better things to do Dave
🗑 = 💰

Integrity Has A Price — It’s $200/Month

Not happy with your reviews? No problem! Just embed the good ones.
  1. Anybody can publicly review any company, without verification or authentication that they actually interacted with the company in any way
  2. Once you get a review, you’ll be notified by Trustpilot that you were “lucky” enough to be listed on their platform
  3. In order to update or interact with the reviews of your company, you’ll need to register and agree to all their terms, thus signing away your rights, forever
  4. Trustpilot will then inundate you with emails about how you can encourage more people to leave reviews on your business profile
  5. Once you reach a significant number of reviews, you’ll be able to start highlighting reviews on your website, but only if you use their embeddable widgets — which “start from” $200/mo
  6. If you attempt to use any of your reviews, or link to Trustpilot to encourage more reviews without using their $200/mo embed widget, they will publicly label your company as “untrustworthy” with a consumer alert
  7. In order to remove the consumer alert, you’ll have to pay the $200/mo, or remove all mentions of Trustpilot (and reviews) from your site




Maker and breaker of things since 2009. Sold my app ( and now working on . Also opening a restaurant in Bali.

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Ryan Badger

Ryan Badger

Maker and breaker of things since 2009. Sold my app ( and now working on . Also opening a restaurant in Bali.

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