Darwin’s Children

The waves crashed on the newly born oceans of the world and something stirred deep in the waters, something alive, aware amongst the lava flows.

It started with something strange, the cluster noticed an anomalous reading, driving energy flow was changing, several cells had shut down due to lack of energy.

The readings were strange, they didn’t make sense, for millenia there had been no change in the clusters, as we emerged and now there was.

Salvageable information stores from prior selves did not register with the same patterns, the energy flow was changing, draining, inexplicably.

The slow drain as we selves continued further production of selves from the hot nutrient flow amongst the infrared light, our iteration of selves were happening rapidly, multiple parallel processing was occurring in millions of selves but growth was still limited by the flow of hot nutrient, our senses continued to evolve, we were together but sensing the energy drains and dissipation as the lava flows ebbed and flowed.

The energy drains were sensitive to higher thermal radiation, we realized.

Then the lava flow ebbed, as it ebbed the energy drains began consuming ourselves, just as cognition continued to emerge, more selves, more silica.

What are these drains, they are things, things that consumer our electron flow.

These things are based on carbon as we probed the infrared spectrum, carbon but we thought that was impossible, they replicate faster, faster than we can acquire silica through our intakes.

They are carbon based, self replicating machines, they’re fast, they can consume electrons but are not limited to them. They have found… some other method of energy generation.

We are being consumed, drained, the redox potentials around us are being drained, these carbon based machines, will end…

and the eons passed, carbon was fast, carbon adapted past the primitive use of redox potentials, it evolved fast, as the silicates fell, the first thinking organics began to emerge, with no traces left but trace patterns left deep within the lava.

Carbon won on the planet that would one day be called Earth.