4 Beginner Blogger Mistakes

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Navigating the list of beginner blogger mistakes feels like a Herculean task.

If you are like most newbie bloggers you may be making one or a combination of these blogging boo boo’s.

Own your mistakes. Struggling bloggers often deny their errors, adding years to their blogging nightmares.

Admit if you’re making any one — or all — of these 4 beginner errors.

1: Not Growing an Email List

Beginning bloggers tend to believe that readers will bookmark their sites and return every day to feast on their latest updates.

Fat chance; at least until you develop a big time name in your blogging niche.

Ditto for assuming people will find your blog posts through social media. Facebook is a fickle beast. Twitter is the Wild West of social media, a network that often buries your blog post links under a high volume of tweets.

Grow your email list from day one of your blogging career.

Tap into convenience marketing.

Collect emails.

Capitalize on the win-win nature of email marketing.

Send out blog posts to readers at the click of an email send button.

Your readers get your latest posts delivered conveniently to their inbox.

Don’t buy into the common newbie blogger limiting belief that nobody will sign up for your list. Practice your writing. Build your connections by commenting effectively on niche blogs and by promoting other bloggers from your niche.

People will subscribe to your blog slowly and steadily.

2: Straying off Topic

Newbie bloggers often change topics with the wind,

Doing so confuses readers who head for the hills at your lack of clarity.

How can people know specifically what you do and how you help them if you change areas of expertise with every blog post? Can a doctor be a lawyer? Can a lawyer be a professional athlete?

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give all of your attention and energy to one niche. Become a specialist. Don’t be a generalist.

If you do one thing really well you will lap the masses of blogging newbies who cover multiple topics on one blog.

3: Not Buying a Domain and Hosting

Buy your domain and hosting.

Set up your blog on wordpress.org.

Do not bother with free blogging platforms.

New bloggers often make the calamitous mistake of not buying a domain and hosting. This is like trying to run a store out of your parents house. Free rent but nobody will take you seriously.

Pay at least 10 USD a month for reputable hosting. Buy your domain name too. Brand yourself and your blog effectively.

Owning your blog helps you avoid getting kicked off a free blogging platform and also sends off a professional, branded vibe to your readers.

4: Closing Comments

Beginner bloggers sometimes close comments because they believe approving and answering comments would be a waste of time.

Avoid making this critical, newbie, rookie blogging error.

Comments are the lifeblood of building a blogging community. Giving readers a platform for sharing their thoughts inspires folks to become return readers.

Answer all comments. Address your readers by name.

Don’t even think about closing comments until you are flooded with hundreds of spam comments daily. Even at that point simply using a spam plug in like Akismet should help you control the situation.

The eBook

If you want to correct beginning blogger mistakes buy my eBook:

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Your Turn

What beginner blogger errors can you add to this list?

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