Your Scariest Moment as a Blogger

Ryan Biddulph
Nov 19, 2017 · 3 min read

The guest posting king.

The blog commenting king.

The eBook publishing machine.

I have been called each. By more than one blogger.

But I learned to not box myself in.

I faced, embraced, felt and released my scariest moment as a blogger.

I did the terrifying, but freeing thing.

I decided not to box myself in.

I decided not to label myself as the king of anything.

I decided not to label myself.

Best decision of my blogging career.

The Scary Part

A few minutes ago I received a Facebook comment from my dear friend and rocking blogger Philip Verghese Aeriel.

He asked me why comments were closed on my travel pages, which confused him since I am the blog commenting king in his eyes.

I cannot respond to the volume of comments through my blogging tips posts and travel pages so I have to close comments on one of ’em. Closed travel page comments, it is.

Years ago I would have felt super uncomfortable with the question. Because I would have felt that I did not live up to my name.Because I would have felt there was a deviation or gap between what people said I was, and what I really was. Because I would have boxed myself in. I would have stayed awake until 4 AM to respond to all comments on my blog posts and guest posts.

I would have commented on 40 blogs daily after reading the posts.

I would have labeled myself, I would have limited myself and I would have burned out. As I did, for many years.

The Turning Point

I finally faced the scariest moment for any blogger: I had to face the fear of not labeling myself. Or, I had to face the fear of refusing to cling to a name I had outgrown, even if other folks expected me to do so, long after I outgrew the name.

I love blog commenting. But these days, I love guest posting and live video broadcasts and promoting my eBooks even more.

So I largely let go blog commenting. Even if some rocking folks still see me as the blog commenting king.

Some folks are looking for the 127th eBook but I never plan to write one again, because I am having so much fun promoting my 126 eBooks and spreading the word and giving the eBooks the attention the eBooks deserve…..and even if rocking folks and friends see me as the eBook self-publishing machine, I don’t operate according to that label, or to any label.

Even if I am called the Blogging From Paradise guy, and even if I play that name up a bit, I am just Ryan Biddulph.

I am a blogger.

But more than anything else, I am a human being who likes having fun.

Where the Fear Arises

The fear arises when you feel the need to live up to a name that other folks have given to you.

The fear vanishes when you don’t give yourself a name, so there’s no name to live up to.

Wouldn’t that feel wonderful?

That’s how I do it.

Just have fun.


Your friends will gladly give you props.

Appreciate the love.

Just make sure not to box yourself in.

The eBook

If you want to face and dissolve your mental blocks buy my eBook:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

PS….Philip, please keep calling me the blogging commenting king my friend :)

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