How to install the JetBrains Mono font on macOS Catalina for Visual Studio Code

Ryan Blunden
Jan 23 · 1 min read

Installing the JetBrains Mono font on macOS Catalina for Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a straight-forward 5 process:

1. Download the font from

2. Unzip the contents, select all fonts in the JetBrains Mono folder, then right-click and select Open With > Font Book.

3. Click the Install Font button.

4. In Visual Studio Code, open preferences (⌘,), then under Text Editor > Font if using the settings UI or editor.fontFamily if editing the JSON directly, insert ‘Jetbrains Mono’ (include the single quotes) as the first item in the list.

5. Save, and you should see the font changes reflect immediately.

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