If you’re on MacOS High Sierra and MiniKube doesn’t seem to work

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I had an problems earlier today where MiniKube could not start properly because the minikube-dashboard container was continually crashing.

The behaviour observed was that running `minikube dashboard` timed out waiting for a Dashboard URL to become available.

After running `kubectl get pods — all-namespaces`, I was able to see that not all pods were starting correctly,

The issue seemed to be because I was using the `brew cask install minikube` command to install MiniKube and it was installing an older version, v0.23.0. I was advised to install it manually, which installed version v0.24.1 and I finally, Minikube was running and I could view the Dashboard. I couldn’t let it go at that, as there is no way the Minikube docs would recommend installing Minikube on MacOS in a way that was broken. So I kept digging.

The real issue, was that because I had upgraded to High Sierra but had not since downloaded the latest version of Xcode, Homebrew wasn’t able to upgrade its packages, hence why I was getting the old version of MiniKube.

So I installed the latest version of Xcode, ran `brew update && brew upgrade`, then installed Minikube via Homebrew with `brew cask install minikube` and now everything is working perfectly and I have MiniKube version v0.24 which at time of writing is the latest version.

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com on December 5, 2017.

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