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Turn macOS Command Line Tools off and on again to fix compilation related problems after an OS upgrade

TL;DR: Do not install Xcode, just do a fresh install of Command Line Tools

sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools
xcode-select --install

The macOS Command Line Tools were a welcome change for macOS users that previously had to install the entire Xcode application just to be able to compile software on their machine. The problem is that sometimes after a major OS version upgrade, things don’t work so well.

In particular, package managers for various languages will start failing because they are unable to compile software as part of installing or upgrading third-party dependencies.

Why xcode-select --install is sometimes not enough

To be honest, I don’t know why this is. It should be, but the crux of the matter, is that running xcode-select --install is meant to fix these compilation issues, but often, it doesn’t, as it will tell you it already exists, and the OS doesn’t know what to do beyond that. …

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Installing the JetBrains Mono font on macOS Catalina for Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a straight-forward 5 process:

1. Download the font from

2. Unzip the contents, select all fonts in the JetBrains Mono folder, then right-click and select Open With > Font Book.

3. Click the Install Font button.

4. In Visual Studio Code, open preferences (⌘,), then under Text Editor > Font if using the settings UI or editor.fontFamily if editing the JSON directly, insert ‘Jetbrains Mono’ (include the single quotes) as the first item in the list.

5. Save, and you should see the font changes reflect immediately.

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Sourcegraph, known to our Developers as “a great source code browsing/discovery tool, especially for large codebase like k8s”, and “like Google’s internal code search but for rest of us”. We help developers write better software by giving them IDE like features in code hosts such as GitHub and Bitbucket server, both for Open Source and private repositories.

We’re proud to once again be hosting the official liveblog for GopherCon so we’re looking for attendees who want to contribute. Is that you?

About liveblogging

Liveblogging is hugely beneficial for the presenters, the bloggers, and those reading them.

It’s about capturing the most important parts of a talk so people from all around the world can follow along and learn. …


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