Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan is Everything Wrong with American City Politics
Nick Hayes

If a reader didn’t know any better, they’d think Duggan was an evil genius after reading this. However, this is a great example of careless reporting that completely ignores everything that Duggan has done for the neighborhoods. Emergency response times for EMS are now under the national average of 8 minutes under Duggan. This is after years of horror stories about people waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance. EVERY street light is now working. This is after years where streets all over the city were left in the dark. The city parks and playgrounds are now being mowed. A systematic approach has begun to draw investment to key neighborhoods throughout the city to make them viable once again. Mexicantown and Springwells are thriving, Livernois and the University District are seeing property value increases and significant commercial investment. You’re completely ignoring Duggan’s plans for Islandview, Grand River, Southwest/Vernor, and Rosa Parks-Clairmount.

Detroit will never come back unless some of the population from the suburbs moves back in. You have a greater metro area population of over 5 million people. Yet under 600,000 live in Detroit proper. Duggan is trying to bring people in and establish a base to allow the city to prosper. He is working to create livable neighborhoods.

You make some weak argument about using DDA tax-increment financing for the stadiums, and cite that as the reason that Duggan is everything wrong with American politics, while taking no time to address the good that has been done all over the city, including the neighborhoods in the past few years. That’s it? That’s all you got?

This is a trash piece, and you should be ashamed for having written it.

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