Are your hiring practices racist?

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Here’s a policy change I’m challenging all CEOs and Execs to make:

Stop asking about criminal history on your job applications.

When you do this in America, you are unjustly screening out thousands of black folks who could be amazing employees.

If this statement seems strange or unbelievable to you, I’d encourage you to read The New Jim Crow, which explains how black folks are unfairly arrested and falsely convicted of crimes, in massive numbers, which then locks them out of voting, job opportunities, housing and other basic human rights.

We don’t ask about criminal history at Treehouse on job applications and we’re a better company because of it.

Most ICOs are Ponzi Schemes

Creating a blockchain and a cryptocurrency took me about 90 minutes. It’s not hard — in fact it was a little too easy.

The reality is that cryptocurrency and blockchain, the technological innovation, isn’t applicable to most startup ideas. …

A true story of how a life can turn from murder, homelessness and hopelessness, to hope and happiness.

I often get asked why I’m so driven.

“Why do you get up at 4:30am every day?”

“What’s your WHY?”

People like Jean are my WHY. Read his story below and you’ll understand.

Warning: There are graphic details and some of the story is pretty tough to read. I’ve published the entire unedited email, with Jean’s permission.

Jean — one of my heroes.

Jean Arroyo aka The Dreaded Dev

Hey Ryan,

As promised here is my story of success thanks to the awesome entity you created called Team Treehouse.

My name is Jean Arroyo I’m a 29 year old newly minted Frontend Developer. I live in Tampa Florida and work now for a huge tech company in Silicon Valley. I work from home remotely and make a great salary. …


Ryan Carson

I'm a Father, entrepreneur and lover of movies. Founder and CEO of @treehouse.

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