Burpees for disciplining kids

I’m a dad of two wonderful kiddos. They’re currently ages 7 and 9 and I love ’em with all my heart. In fact, I’ve tattooed myself with their names 😀

I was raised by getting spanked when I misbehaved. It worked on me and I think my parents are awesome and did a wonderful job raising me. I don’t have a moral problem with spanking if it’s done from a position of love and not anger.

We did a bit of spanking with our kids but I always wished I could find a better way to discipline them when they needed it.

The other day I stumbled across a Tweet from Jocko Willink where he suggested using Burpees as a disciplinary tool with kids. I HATE burpees so I knew it was a potentially great idea.

I’ve been trying it out on my kiddos when needed and so far it seems to be a great way to make them feel the pain of bad behavior, without the spanking.

If the boys are fighting with each other (as they do every day), and they’re both at fault (which they usually are) I tell them they’ve got to crank out 30 Burpees together.

Never heard of a Burpee? Here you go …

Parents out there — what’s your experience with all this stuff? Would love to hear from you.

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