The Treehouse 2-Year Vision

Focused, measurable and actionable.

The first page of the Treehouse 2-Year Vision Statement

We launched our 2-Year Vision here at Treehouse. It’s become the central conversation in the company and the one thing we’re all focused on.

It has clear, measurable goals, with specific deadlines. We’re trying to wipe out any ambiguity around what’s important and what we’re aiming for.

The second page clearly states our “Guiding Stars”. It’s important for us to be clear about our strengths and our weaknesses. We’re honest with ourselves.

The second page of the Treehouse 2-Year Vision

The third page is probably the most important. It’s a worksheet for everyone so they can take the 2-Year Vision and decide how their work directly connects to the vision. “What’s my role” is the most important question all of us can ask. Is what I’m doing today directly connected to our vision?

Does your company have a clear vision statement? If you’re a Founder, CEO or Exec, what experiences do you have with company vision statements? Would love to hear from you all!

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