Will you join the #EducateYourselfClub? 😀

I’m starting a free club to encourage and motivate each other 🙌

Are you trying to learn something or achieve a goal? Let’s team up and encourage each other! 👍

I want to create a world-wide group of like-minded folks who have a goal and are learning a little bit every day to achieve it.

We’re going to use Instagram, so just follow these steps …

  1. Take a photo of yourself learning or working on your goal.
  2. Create a story with that photo, add some simple text explaining your goal or what you’re learning.
  3. Tag me in the story by adding this text: #EducateYourselfClub @ryancarson
  4. I’ll pick random folks and ship you this t-shirt for free …

I will check out all your Stories, encourage you as best I can, and shout you out whenever I can in my Instagram Stories. I will also probably follow a ton of you so I can keep cheering you on whenever you post 🤗

Feel free to also post to your main Instagram feed and add the tag #EducateYourselfClub — that way we can all find each other’s photos and encourage one another as well. Make sure to tag me too so I can find your photos.

So let’s do it! Can’t wait to cheer you on as you #EducateYourselves 🙌👍

Also, I’m over here on instagram.com/ryancarson so stop on by and say hi — I’d love to meet you all 😀