You will lose the talent war

The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, visited Treehouse to discuss the future of education and the talent pipeline. My message to her was clear …

Showing Governor Brown one of the Treehouse sets
Everyone is going to lose the talent war against Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon.

Every company that hires technical talent (which is all companies now, not just “tech” companies) will get their best technical employees poached away by these heavy hitters (if they can even hire top talent in the first place), because those behemoths can offer substantially higher salaries and extremely generous benefits. It just won’t be profitable for any of us to compete.

So how can we hire great talent if we’re already doomed to lose the war?

It’s all based on creating talent with accessible, affordable, effective education. Here’s the basic idea …

  • Most jobs in tech are a highly paid trade jobs, that don’t require a college degree or student debt. (We’re not anti-college, providing it’s debt-free.)
  • There are going to be 1,300,000 new developer jobs in the next 10 years, and only 400,000 will be filled by computer science grads. We need to find another scalable talent pipeline.
  • Most companies won’t be able to win the talent war against big hitters like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Microsoft, Tesla and others. They will snap up all the comp science grads and will continually poach talent away from everyone else.
  • Diversity in tech will not be solved by hiring computer science grads because there isn’t a steady stream of people of color or women earning that degree.
  • Partnering with community-based organizations allows us to recruit people of color and women into the talent pipeline, because they trust these community-based organizations. These community-based orgs also have the ability to properly support these folks and the unique needs as they progress through the program.
  • Employers can fund this new pipeline and create new talent, providing they’re willing to hire Apprentices, instead of college grads.
  • We are seeing more and more employers willing to do so and actively fund the idea.

I’m extremely bullish on this new talent pipeline. If companies embrace Apprenticeship, they can have access to an amazing stream of talented, diverse individuals.

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