Top 7 technology trends to follow in 2022

Ryan C. Collins
6 min readJan 2, 2022

The 2020s have been crazy in so many ways. Part of me is pessimistic about the future in the sense that I expect more geo-political uncertainty is ahead for America and the world. Going into 2022, we have risk of a war in Ukraine, rampant inflation leading to rising interest rates, continued democratic back-sliding and many other risks to contend with. On the other hand, there are some exciting technological trends on the horizon that could help to usher in the next era of humanity.

As growth stocks continue to sell-off in 2022, opportunities will present themselves to buy innovative companies at a discount.Let’s dive into what I think are some of the most important technological trends to watch next year and talk about how I’ll be putting my money to work in them.


I am not a financial professional and none of this should be considered investment advice. Please do your own research and consult with a financial advisor.


2021 was a big year for the metaverse. Roblox ($RBLX) went public with a $41 billion market cap and once again, Mark Zuckerburg took credit for an idea that he didn’t come up with when Facebook changed their name to Meta (kidding of course). In Q3 of 2021, the metaverse was mentioned hundreds of times by dozens of tech execs on Wall Street earnings calls. The metaverse has “crossed the chasm”, so to speak, becoming a part of our collective vernacular.

My prediction is that the metaverse will continue to trend in 2022, for better or for worse. We will see virtual concert events become mainstream, create and buy goods in virtual worlds and hopefully will see the metaverse connect to the real world in meaningful ways.

How I’ll be playing it

  • $RBLX
  • $AAPL — we all know that Apple is going to release VR glasses soon, which in my opinion is when they will become mainstream.
  • $MSFT
  • Metaverse crypto tokens — I don’t know much about this space yet, but buying virtual real-estate in Decentraland is pretty interesting.

Note that FB is not on this list. While I feel like it will likely be a good investment for the



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