Fixed bid agile projects simply don’t work

It’s amazing to think the scene above is still happening today.

We only do agile projects at X-Team, and 5 years ago we abandoned the fixed bid model.


Endless change requests, missed deadlines, frustrated PM’s, awkward sprint planning meetings, and an incredibly slow (not agile) velocity.

Agile is supposed to make changing things a breeze, not your worst nightmare.

So we abandoned the fix bid, change request-ridden contract model.

Instead, we decided to work with companies in the only way agile can work: a monthly retainer contract that defines no requirements.

We provide developers full-time on a monthly retainer, and let our partners define the requirements for each sprint.

Want to change something? Go ahead. No paperwork needed, just do it.

The result? We’ve built some great, agile and always-evolving products over the years since abandoning the fixed bid model with our partners.

The question is: why aren’t you doing the same?

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